A Board Member is Leaving and we are Looking for a Replacement (Scandinavia)

Due to changing responsibilities which do not include working with POB, Jenny Clarén unfortunately has had to resign from the board, and we are therefore looking for her replacement. Normally, this would have been dealt with at the annual General Assembly – but that, alas, was cancelled when the annual conference was cancelled due to COVID-19. 
We already have a possible candidate in place but are open for more candidacies from other Scandinavian PUG member organizations. The two other board members, chairman Øyvind Sand and treasurer Kim Skotte Larsen, were last year elected for 2 years. 
If you would like to run for the board, and/or have questions about the responsibilities associated with being a board member, please send a mail to Maja Seilund no later than Friday, March 27th. The new board member will be found next week, possibly via an online election, where each member organization has one vote.