Reply To: SDM: Mehrere Kontakte pro Fall


Die abschließende Meldung seitens Wendia – nicht zufriedenstellend:

Dear Marc Dittberner
The following case has been rejected by CAB: 128089 Many contacts connected to one case (created in WSSP)
CAB has never had this type of request from our customer base before. Unfortunately it does not fit into our plans and strategy with our toolset.
Nevertheless CAB thinks that this functionality can be implemented by customizing your POB system with Enterprise Manager. Please see following customizing approach that might fit your needs:
As far as we understand, you want several Customer fields on a Web Form that submits a Case and then see all those Customers on the created Case. If yes,
using Questions (like shown on screenshots), it is not possible as an Answer to a Join-Question that uses a Subview is never inserted in the column corresponding to that subview in the db. It is just recorded as a question-answer text on Description or Answers tab.
If you want several Customers selected on a Web Form to be inserted in the corresponding columns in db to form a relation with a Case, then apart of the standard Customer column, you need to create the required number of custom (virtual) columns, or use those standard ones like Vip.Customer, InstalledBy.Customer, and then add them to the Form Fields tab of the Web Form.
After that you can create a folder of the ‘Data View’ model for the Case window and set it with the filter that will display the Customers which were specified for the Case in the Web Form
Hope this approach helps to achieve the functioality requested.
Best Regards