Reply To: Create/update case from backend

Stefan Reichelt


The most reliable way are webservices, I guess. You’ll get the ticket ID back immediately (if not, you will see why), and you can use the methods of the web framework to update cases (and all other entities) at any time. The Wendia whitepaper “POB G6 Web Services Configuration” was helpful enough for our developers to create several interfaces based on that technology.

Another way is the SQL way: The table Case_Interface can be used to import cases (we use it for events from Icinga, our monitoring tool), and most likely even for updating them.

The easiest way, however, is using XML injection via mail. I use it when the other side is rather unknown or hard to customize.
The description on the F1 helpfile article “Support for HTML tags in Inbound Mail XML” describes the most modern way to do it (just search for “html inbound mail”).
Hint: If you replace

<Case id="ProcessInboundXMLTest">


<Case id="123456">

while 123456 is the case number, you can even update cases.
And this HTML injection does not only work for Cases. Theoretically, you can even create and update, Resource Logs, Contracts – whatever you want.
Downside: You need to find a good way to return the Case ID back – maybe with a POB message event or a program action calling a script when a case arrives.

If you have more questions, just ask. I’m a bit experienced with POB interfaces. 🙂


Stefan Reichelt, COMPAREX