Reply To: Create/update case from backend

Stefan Reichelt

Yes, the SysAdmin who is responsible created some scripts, inserting directly into Case_Interface.
I created some External System Filters in POB, connected them with Data Templates and made sure that only some few fields need to be submitted. The CaseLoad service (AS) is automatically converting them into tickets, returning the Case ID into the Case_Interface table. To you know that feature? F1 help returns some helpful descriptions if you look for “case interface”.
I recommend (in that order):
– “Configuring CaseLoad Service
– “Creating an External System”
– “Mapping the Case_Interface and the Case Tables”
– “Setting Up External System Filters”

Example statement (based on the mapping configured in the External System in POB):

INSERT INTO Case_Interface (
       ,description --Case Description
       ,memo --insert Problem memo text here (HTML, 2000 max. characters)
       ,field_2 --Case Type
       ,field_4 --Case Category
       ,N'This is the Case Description'
       ,N'<html><body>Testtext, HTML</body></html>'
       ,N'Service Request'

/*See results*/
FROM Case_Interface

The CaseLoad service recognizes the combination of External System (-> column mapping) and Sub System (defined on “External System Filter”, determines the correct Data Template). The service creates the Case, using the Data Template, and it returns the Ticket ID into column case_id.
If you also fill out the column “external_id” (not included in the script above) with a kind of event GUID, you can use it to find the unique event later again, and identify the Ticket ID created for it. If there is no Ticket ID, you can find the reason in the AS log.

PS – maybe also interesting: According to the helpfile, there is a “Case Interface Inserter” available (probably only for the ones who ask Wendia about it). It is a .exe file with a little config that can be used to insert lines into the Case_Interface table without direct SQL but simple parameters. But I’m not experienced with it, we write into the table directly.

PPS: How did you manage to upload your picture here? 😉