Reply To: Integration to SCOM

Stefan Reichelt

Hi Allan,

Ok, so you don’t want the DTM integration (CIs) but a kind of synchronization. I don’t know what SCOM is able to use for sending alerts: Web Services? SQL inserts into the Case Interface table? Just simple mails? We are using two ways: Web Services for our own customer web portals (customers can report bugs etc. there) and XML mails for alerts from our monitoring tool Icinga/Nagios.

So it depends on what’s possible in SCOM and what you prefer. I think the Case Interface table is perfect for a simple bidirectional connection, but I don’t have any experiences about this feature in G6 (only POB 21). I just know how it should work in G6 theoretically, but I guess that’s not more than you already know. Web Services are definitely the smartest way because of the live connection and instant feedback (Case ID), but you need some development knowledge.

Well… I don’t know anything about SCOM, but I am always curious about such topics. I wonder how the solution will look like in the end. 🙂

Best regards,