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    I am looking for some help setting up a new trigger in POB. Im basically trying to get POB to update a string once a user has updated a case memo. The users must in the below user groups for it to update. I’ve attached the condition setup below.

    Action:Memo insert
    Field CasePK:
    Condition TRUE
    PQL Value:[1|Case x|x.CasePK=[CasePK] And ‘[UID]’ IN (‘Core Network’,Service Desk’,’Senior Analysts’)]

    I’ve attached the condition to a Database action.
    Id: Case.Update_ByTeam
    Execution Mode: Public
    Condition: Case.Update_ByTeam: Case.Update_ByTeam
    Operation: Set Values
    Target Column: Last updated by Team
    Source PQL Value: [GID]

    I’ve tested this but it still doesn’t update the string with the Users Group.

    Stefan Reichelt

    In your PQL, you are working with [UID], which is retrieving the current User’s ID. But if I understand you right, you want to get the current User Group’s ID, which would be [GID].

    I guess that’s the only problem. 🙂

    PS: You can test any PQL by typing it into the bottom-left navigation search field (F11) after a “=”, such as “=[UID]”. That way, you can always see which value your PQL returns in a certain situation. If you open a case where the trigger should be fired, and you put in your (corrected) PQL, you should see a pop-up showing “1”.





    I’ve changed my condition to user GID instead. I still cannot get this to work.

    Any ideas?


    Stefan Reichelt

    What if you switch your Condition Action from Memo Insert to Memo Update?
    As far as I remember, Memo Insert will only fire when the first memo entry is saved on a case – and most cases should already have one.

    Another hint: If you want the trigger to fire only on certain memo types (such as “Problem”), remember to add a line like
    Field = Description
    Condition = Memo Type
    Value = Problem


    Hi Stefan,

    You are quite right! I’ve changed it to Memo Update and it is now working as expected.

    Thanks you very much.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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