Reply To: Reporting Count of Case Re-assignments


Stefan – we are on POB G6 and do have a separate History event for the hcange in Responsible User. It keeps track of the from and to information. So I agree that we should be able to get this reported. However, I am struggling with our report writers being able to come up with the report. That is why I was interested if you  had one already built. Is it possible to get teh report from your BI department? Even, just the fields they are using? I need to give our report writers some direction so that they cannot use the “it’s too complex” or “I can only give you this…” excuses. So far, all I’ve been able to get from them is a report of the text in the History lines – all of them. So I would have to download to Excel and then manipulate the data to get what I really need. Thanks – Stacy