Product Insight Webinars

With the cancellation of our SA World customer event, we decided that several sessions were too good to miss.

We are therefore glad to offer the below product insight webinars to our customers at no charge.  

October 20th at 10:00am PT “Modern Services for Digital Transformation” Featuring Gartner Analyst Chris Laske. Digital transformation and the demand for digital business are pressing I&O leaders to deliver value more rapidly. The adoption of automation, along with associated AI and chat technologies is increasing and resulting in significant changes to infrastructure operations.  This session will cover emerging trends in service desk automation and offer key insights on modern service management. This presentation will only be available live. 
Click here to register.

October 27th at 10:00am PT “Digital Transformations: The role of a virtual agent with customer use cases.” Featuring Serviceaide CTO, Bill Guinn. Bill shares his passion for driving a digital experience and provides common challenges with real examples of how Serviceaide customers are tackling their unique digital transformation. Click here to register. 

November 3rd at 10:00am PT “Maximize your investment: Strategic roadmap for ChangeGear” Featuring CTO Bill Guinn and Director of Engineering, Sheela Benjamin. This session is designed to help you identify how you can leverage your investment in the ChangeGear solution and learn about new features and enhancements in development. Click here to register.

November 10th at 10:00am PT “Bringing Automation out of the Back-Office” Featuring Director of Product Management, Aaron Bultman. Learn how to leverage the power of automation to bring back-office efficiencies to the front lines. We will provide practical ways to expand your digital transformation. Click here to register.

November 17th at 10:00am PT “Beyond Basic Metrics: How to build a business case and demonstrate ROI” Featuring Serviceaide CTO, Bill Guinn. Learn how to measure, monitor and report on data that is meaningful to your organization’s business strategy. IT organizations are being chartered to share more than IT operational metrics and demonstrate the value they bring to the enterprise. Click here to register.

December 1st at 10:00am PT “The evolution and future of POB” Featuring CTO, Bill Guinn and VP Global Solutions, Kevin Goertzen. The POB platform has developed significantly over the past several years, adding features, integrations, and functionality. If you are on an older release, this session will go through the more recent updates as well as the future roadmap. Link to register Click here to register.