Virtual Admin Class in Europe

POB has been greatly enhanced over the last few releases. The numerous new functions are described in the release notes, but hands-on training is still highly suggested to make the changes more comprehensible.

Wendia is therefore happy to invite European POB users to a 2-weeks virtual training in the end of June/beginning of July, where Wendia Denmark Senior POB Consultant Jesper Solholm during 10 sessions of 3 hours each, will take the participants through a broad variety of topics enabling them to better administer POB 2.0. See more in the Invitation Flyer and Agenda.

Virtual User Conference (Scandinavia)

The annual Scandinavian POB User Group conference was held in a virtual setting this year – and although most participants would have preferred to meet in person, the day went very well. The morning session had an interesting presentation by Herning municipality about using “Knowledge in the Self Service Portal” and an inspirational presentation by Wendia on “Automation using POB”. Both presentations can be found on the Scandinavian Conferences page.

The afternoon session featured Wendia/Serviceaide presentations on the way forward for Wendia after being acquired by Serviceaide, POB roadmap, virtual agents integrated to POB and the “POB G6 from A to Z” presentation by Kevin Goertzen, inspiring to make use of POB throughout the organization and for processes many may not have thought about formalizing. The Wendia/Serviceaide presentations will be uploaded to the Scandinavian Conferences page soon.

Recordings of the meeting sessions are available for download from Wendia’s ftp server, under the Webinar folder. Send a mail to Maja Seilund if you need help finding them.

Virtual PUG day, April 20th, 2021

The recordings from the conference sessions can be found on Wendia’s ftp server.

Presentation by Kim Skotte Larsen, Herning municipality

Knowledge in the Self Service Portal

Presentation by Jesper Solholm, Wendia Denmark

Automation using POB

Presentation by Kevin Goertzen and Wai Wong

Serviceaide and POB Customers

Presentation by Kevin Goertzen

POB G6 from A to Z

Presentation by Kevin Goertzen and Bill Guinn on the POB Roadmap

POB Roadmap

Presentation by Kevin Goertzen and Bill Guinn on POB and Virtual Agents

POB and Virtual Agents

Presentation by PUG treasurer

Regnskab 2020

Notes from the General Assemby

Referat fra Generalforsamling 2021

Scandinavian PUG 2021 in a Virtual Setting

Invitations have been sent out for the 2021 Scandinavian POB User Group conference that will be held in a virtual setting on April 20th. The conference will be held as two Teams’ meetings: a morning session from 9-12 CET, and an afternoon session from 14-17 CET. Participation is free of charge. Read more about the sessions here.

Registration via PUG’s website no later than Friday, April 9th. Any questions can be directed to Maja Seilund.  

Using PQL in POB (Webinar)

Join our March webinar to learn about using POB Query Language statements to enhance automation within POB.

On March 16th, at 16:30 CET (8:30 am MST) Jesper Solholm will be hosting the one-hour webinar that will provide several examples of where and how PQL is used in real POB implementations.

Remote POB G6 Training (North America)

If you are looking to get your administrator skills up to speed – join us for this 2-weeks remote training.

The Wendia North American team is offering two weeks of training, with three hours per day of instruction and then assigned labs over the course of ten business days. The training runs the weeks of April 12th and 26th. See more in the invitation flyer.

POB Webinars

Our next webinar will be held on July 20th, 2021, at 16:30 CET (8:30 am MST).

We are looking at RESTful API as the topic for the July webinar. More information will follow in the beginning of July.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, please send a mail to Maja Seilund.

Remember that the recordings of past webinars are avilable at Wendia’s ftp server.

Admin Classes in June-July (Europe)

Get your POB administrator skills up to date based on the new POB G6 2.0.

Wendia has scheduled a virtual admin class in the weeks beginning June 28th and July 5th. The class will be held over the course of 10 business days with three hours per day of instruction and then assigned labs. The sessions will be hosted by Jesper Solholm.

See more in the Invitation Flyer, or the Agenda for the 10 sessions.

If you would like to book a seat, or have any questions, please send a mail to Maja Seilund.

Webinar on the New Mobile Web Apps in POB G6 2.0

The POB G6 2.0 mobile interfaces for analysts and customers provide great new capabilities and features. The mobile interfaces have a new look and feel and they allow utilization of most areas of POB from a mobile platform. On January 19th, Kevin Goertzen will show and demonstrate the new mobile interfaces in POB G6 2.0 in a one-hour webinar. Join us to learn more. For questions and/or registration, please contact Maja Seilund.