PUG Conference in Germany

The German PUG team is putting together the agenda for the 2018 Conference for German-speaking POB users that will be held on September 13-14, 2018, at the Amber Hotel in Leonberg, near Stuttgart.

At the conference attendees will be meeting senior Wendia consultants and chief technical officers who will be sharing their expertise in presentations about how to handle GDPR in POB, how to customize POB windows to have even more possibilities in the daily work, alternative ways to use POB outside ITSM, and the latest development of POB. Arrangements are also being made with some customers to give presentations and share what they are doing with POB in terms of handling the challenges of data security and making POB administration easier and more effective.

We hope all German-speaking POB users have marked their calendars for this great opportunity to meet with other POB users to Share, Learn and Connect – share your knowledge, learn from other POB users and connect with others to grow your professional network.