Wendia at the itSMF Congress 2012

Wendia Beer is Breaking the Ice: Wendia Germany at the itSMF Annual Congress

Who is Wendia? Since Monday, 04 December 2012, participants at the annual itSMF Forum in Kassel, have a very simple answer to this question: “They are the lucky ones that have a great tool – and their own excellent beer!” With more than 400 visitors, the itSMF congress is one of the leading professional events in the IT Service Management industry.

This year, Wendia exclusively sponsored the official Get-Together-Party with beer from the small Vendia Brewery in Denmark. Beer has always been known as one of the most popular drinks in Germany. The country has more than 1.300 breweries and according to the statistics beer consumption reaches a number of about 100 liters of beer per person and per year. So a tough audience met at Wendia’s Beer Bar at the Congress Palais.

At the end, Wendia Beer bottles could be seen all over the whole exhibition space. Many congress participants got together at the Wendia stand across the bar to get to know more about Wendia, the exceptional supplier that not only has a great solution to offer, but also excellent beer.