Great Presentations and Plenty of Inspiration at the recent PUG Conference

Copenhagen presented itself from its best side with a lot of sun and spring-like temperatures, when the participants arrived at the AC Bella Sky Hotel for the conference, and many had chosen to arrive the day prior to the conference to spend some time in Copenhagen.

The first day of the conference featured customer presentations and round-table discussions, along with a Wendia-hosted POB Q&A session, whereas day 2 was dedicated to various POB presentations by Wendia after the general assembly in the morning. Judging by the survey feedback the attendees enjoyed the presentations and benefited from the inspiration and knowledge sharing, and are (very) likely to participate in next year’s conference!

As always, Arne Kolstø, Wendia Norway, took a lot of great photos during the two days. In the image above you can see retiring chairman Göran Wihlgaard, Atea Sweden, welcoming the 60 participants. More images from the conference can be seen here.

At the general assembly PUG had to say goodbye to two board members, Göran Wihlgaard and Morten Skaarud, Lovisenberg hospital, but could welcome two new: Jenny Clarén, Atea Sweden, and Kim Skotte Larsen, Herning municipality, who will join long-time board member Øyvind Sand, Norian.