POB G6 Administrator Training (Utah)

Wendia North America hope to see you for the next POB G6 Administrator training, planned for August 7-11. The class will be using the POB G6 Version 1.8 system for the training, which is the current generally available release of POB. In addition to the general POB admin subjects, 1.8 features like GUI enhancements, new themes, additional custom windows and enhancements to the POB Web functionality will also be reviewed.

This would be a great class to attend with the focus on POB G6 1.8, whether you are on 1.8 or on a back release. Wendia are certain you will find it worthwhile, valuable to your investment in POB, and technically inspiring – so please join in!

See the invitation here. Register by July 24 by sending a mail to Paige Tueller.