POB User Group Conference in Sweden (March 2018)

Next year’s Scandinavian PUG Conference will mark the 20th anniversary of the POB User Group in Scandinavia – the two-day conference is planned for March 13-14, 2018, at the beautiful Gimo Herrgård, about an hour’s drive north of Stockholm’s Arlanda airport. The conference will be packed with presentations, workshops and plenty of opportunity for networking with POB colleagues from all over Scandinavia. The Scandinavian PUG board recently met to start preparations for making the 20th anniversary conference a memorable one.

At the recent meeting, the PUG board also evaluated this year’s conference and discussed the change in the board caused by a job change for one of the board members. Read more about the outcome of the recent board meeting in the information from the board.

Following the board meeting and in preparation for next year’s conference, two short surveys are being prepared for sending out in Scandinavia over the next weeks. The board will meet again in September, and hope to send out more information about the coming conference during September-October.